Attention Billboard Ad Designers

Add a feather in your cap by offering this free billboard ad design evaluation service to your clients.

Your clients will eventually find out about Billboard Gorilla’s free billboard ad design evaluation and guaranteed consulting, but they will appreciate you offering this added insurance to help them.

Any intelligent decision maker will appreciate the extra insurance on their billboard ad investment, and also the logic of having one final free evaluation from another professional who doesn’t have any emotional attachment to their billboard ad design.

Everyone in this business knows that emotional attachments to designs can cause people to overlook great ideas, and there is no way for any marketing director or graphic designer to avoid those emotional attachments. Even decision makers involved in the ad design process will have emotional attachments to some degree. But, decision makers will also understand a perfectly logical explanation for any improvements that will potentially save their billboard ad investment.

If Billboard Gorilla improves a billboard ad design in any way that makes sense to your client, and they adopt the improvement, your client will be incredibly happy you introduced them to Billboard Gorilla – and unless you’re a terrible ad designer, you shouldn’t lose any future business from clients if any improvements are accepted.

No worries about me stealing your business, because I don’t do original concepts. I will never be your competition.

I will even make it simple for you to pass along the news about my service in a way that your clients will appreciate. Use the following note. Edit if you desire.

Dear Decision Maker,

Even though we like to consider our company the best in the world at designing billboard ads, we have to admit, it’s always best to get one last opinion on your final design from a professional billboard ad consultant who won’t have the slightest emotional attachment to the design.

For potential improvements, peace of mind and extra insurance on your ad investment, we recommend a consulting service that offers a free evaluation on your final design, and even a solid guarantee if you choose consulting.

For your benefit, we are not allowed to submit any billboard ad designs to this company for a free evaluation, or we would have offered to take care of that process for you.

The good news … it only takes about ten minutes to submit your final design for a free evaluation if you want to take advantage of the extra insurance on your billboard ad investment.

You can learn more about getting a free ad evaluation at:


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