Decisions Makers Only

Big egos and emotional attachments to poor designs can be costly to your business and mine.

Any decision maker not directly involved with a billboard ad design will be more open to logical suggestions that will clearly save the ad investment.

It’s a small inconvenience, but my taking extra precautions is to protect your ad investment, my revenue stream and my time.

In my past experience with designers, there were always emotional attachments to some degree, and sometimes huge egos accompanied by tunnel vision no bigger than a straw. I like to avoid those situations at all costs.

Of course, I admit to having a big ego and I’m not shy about confessing to be a genius billboard ad consultant. But, if you ever get to experience improvements from my consulting, you will understand why.

The other reason I am extremely careful about dealing only with decision makers is because I don’t like giving away freebies. Since my business model offers a free evaluation and solid guarantee on any accepted consulting, I can’t afford to take any chances on giving away my valuable time to the people who will take advantage of it.

The best scenario for your billboard ad investment is to get the final design in front of a professional who won’t have any emotional attachment.

Try out my service one time and I guarantee you will never let another billboard ad get displayed without sending it my way first.

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