Terms and Agreement

Business Owners or Decision Makers Only

For your protection and mine, I only deal directly with decision makers who call the shots on writing checks for the billboard ads.

I do not accept ad designs from marketing firms, billboard companies or graphic design firms for obvious reasons that any intelligent decision maker will comprehend. Emotional attachments to poor designs can be costly for your company and mine.

Solid proof of your position with the company will be required. A small inconvenience for an 80 percent chance your entire billboard ad investment will be saved.

Final Billboard Ads Only

I consult only on final billboard ad designs.

When you think your ad is ready for display, that’s when it’s time to get it on my desk.

I don’t do original concepts. I’ve done enough of those in the past.

Please don’t ask for my opinion on any other type of ad.

How It Works

Submit your final billboard ad design for a FREE evaluation.

If your design is clean, I will tell you it’s clean – and there won’t be any charge.

If I feel your ad needs improvements that will keep it from being a lost cause, I will send you a quick email with my consulting price.

If you give the green light for consulting, I will deliver a revised ad and explanation of changes – along with a URL link to a simple payment page.

If you don’t adopt my changes, you don’t pay.

Since 80 percent of billboard ads end up lost in background noise, because of poor design, there’s a HUGE chance I will save your billboard ad from being a total waste of money.

Follow the directions below to submit your final billboard ad design.

Ad Submission Requirements

Every billboard ad submission requires a $2 transaction with a credit card or PayPal ID that offers the decision maker’s personal name, so that my secretary can run a check to make sure I am dealing with the decision maker and not a marketing company or graphic designer. A small inconvenience for an 80 percent chance of a huge savings on your ad investment.

All transactions are through PayPal, which means your information will be hidden from me and anyone else.

I will accept multiple ads with one transaction on the same day. To submit multiple ads on the same day, simply follow the steps below for each ad – and please send the necessary information and images in separate emails.

A different day requires a new $2 transaction, unless we’ve established an ongoing, trusted relationship.

Submit These Items

After you have completed the “Ad Submission Requirement” above, email all of the following files and information to:

dave [at] billboardgorilla dot com

1. A smaller JPEG image file of your final billboard ad. Please also include any other concept potentials you were contemplating – and please be sure to note the difference. Image files must be full color, maximum quality JPEGs no less than 1,000 pixels wide and no wider than 2,000 pixels. Please don’t send full size images in any other format. Please double check the JPEG image to make sure it looks like the original.

2. Your company name.

3. Your name.

4. Your position with the company.

5. Your phone number.

6. Your company billing address.

7. Your email address.

8. List two items on the ad that you feel are most important, and in order of priority.

9. Billboard dimensions in feet or meters. (W x H)

10. Brief explanation about this ad campaign. What is your main objective?

11. Additional notes. Anything extra you feel I should know.

12. Who referred you or how you found Billboard Gorilla.

Be sure to note any rush deadlines.

When To Expect Feedback

You will receive my free evaluation within 24 hours during weekdays, but more than likely much sooner.

On accepted consulting jobs, you will receive revisions within 48 hours during weekdays … possibly sooner depending on my workload.

Accepted consulting jobs received on Friday will be completed on the following Tuesday, or possibly sooner.

Be sure to note any rush deadlines.

You will be notified about any changes in this schedule.

Consulting Payments and Terms

You agree to pay the consulting estimate if you adopt any exact revisions, or revisions closely resembling the suggested improvements.

All consulting payments are due upon receipt and are made through PayPal with American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, PayPal balance or bank transfers.

When a job is complete, you will receive a URL link to the payment page where you will have an option to enter any discount coupon code.

Your Ad Concept Safety

Your ad concepts are always safe. I operate with the utmost integrity and I’m not about to do anything to jeopardize a long-term, beneficial relationship.

If you need me to sign any special agreement for your ad protection, email the agreement to: dave [at] billboardgorilla dot com.

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