The Reason Your Billboard Ad Investment Will Be A Total Loss

Notice you have less than one second to see any billboard ad while traveling 45 MPH or faster.

Notice that 80 percent of billboard ads look like they belong in a magazine and end up lost in background noise.

Notice that perplexed feeling you get trying to figure out messages on many billboard ads with the little time you have looking.

Most billboard ads are simply camouflaged and won’t even get that important, split second glance. The result is money lost not only on the ad, but also on the revenue that could have been generated from a great ad design.

Why do billboard ads get lost in background noise? There could be any number of reasons … Emotional attachments to poor design concepts. Bad graphic designers. Company owners involvement in the design concept. Failure to get a final opinion from a professional who won’t have an emotional attachment.

If you plan on investing thousands on a billboard ad campaign, wouldn’t it be a smart investment of your time to get a final free evaluation from a professional who has no emotional attachment?

By submitting your final design to Billboard Gorilla for a free evaluation, you will never need to worry about losing your ad investment and all that revenue because of an ad lost in background noise.

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